Taylan Cihan’s custom electronic instruments

Profile, Taylan Cihan

Taylan Cihan, in performance

UPDATE: With profound sadness, I relay that Taylan Cihan, whose research and development at CEMC is featured below, has passed away–October 8th 2014. His instruments remain at the Center and are planned to be used as part of SoundLab, a DIY electronics initiative at Cornell that Taylan himself was, at the time of his death, working to implement.


Composition graduate student Tayan Cihan (DMA anticipated 2015) has developed a series of instruments at CEMC, primarily for his own use in live performances with the Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble (CAGE) and elsewhere. Each contributes to a continuously developing modular performance system, operating individually or generating layers within a collective. Below is a gallery of several of these instruments, created 0ver the last several years at CEMC.

Each instruments represents hundreds of hours of design and implementation, ranging from purely electronic circuitry through Arduino-based (open hardware) digital/analog hybrid devices, and onto integrated analog-digital mechanisms where computer and analog hardware are sharing, listening, and modifying on another. His endeavor with these devices is technical, practical, sonic, and aesthetic.

Further devices, complete instrument details, schematics, design rationale, sounds, video, and software code (where applicable) can be found on Taylan’s personal website.

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