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hi everyone– i just wanted to write a quick post to remind you about tristan perich’s residency at cornell this weekend. tristan is one of the most celebrated young artists working in digital art and electroacoustic music today, and it’s a great opportunity to hear some of his work, hear him speak, or meet him while he’s on campus.

i’m also really pleased to be putting on a concert featuring his music. tristan will perform his piece for two percussionists and 1-bit electronics (joined by prof. mike compitello), and there will also be performances of a large portion of his music for keyboard instruments (including the piece for three toy pianos and 1-bit electronics that i posted earlier in the semester!) performed by myself and the other two doctoral students in my program. i am particularly excited to be playing his piece ‘dual synthesis’ (an *extremely* demanding work for harpsichord and electronics) for the first time.

you can find information on the residency (including the composers forum lecture on nov 7 at 1:30PM and the concert on nov 8 at 8PM) at this link:

you can also learn more about tristan and his work here:

hope to see you!

>david f

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