Tyler Ehrlich’s ScoreViewer for Google Glass

Tyler Ehrlich’s ScoreViewer for Google Glass , a project initially conceived for use by Professor Cynthia Johnston Turner and the Cornell Wind Ensemble, provided a framework for the performance of Professor Kevin Ernste‘s AdWords™/Edward, the first commission piece of its kind for the Google Glass Explorers program.

Score “cards” can be uploaded directly from the web and called up verbally for performance (“OK Glass, perform Kevin’s piece”. Once loaded, performers “wink” through parts of the score (pages, cards, etc).

In AdWords™/Edward, winking advances through a series of short, repeated/looped phrases (see examples below, click to open) displayed in their glasses…a stylistic homage to Terry Riley’s In C, celebrating its 50th Anniversary year in 2014.

IMAGE: John Roark (www.johnroarkmedia.com)

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