Intro for Brendan Fogarty

Hi everyone,


I’m Brendan, a junior bioengineer. I am not in the class yet but my fingers are crossed! I like to listen to a wide variety of genres, but I mainly listen to Irish traditional. I’m not in a group, but I have been playing uilleann bagpipes (which are NOT the St. Paddy’s Day march-around-in-a-kilt species!) for over six years. Since bagpipes create several very distinct sounds out of a few different ends of the instrument, they are not trivial to record well. I’d like to master the art of recording the pipes, but I am also very interested in learning the ins and out of audio software and just creating some interesting sounds and rhythms.

I’d be willing to collaborate with anybody if people are looking for something a bit different this semester. I am sadly taking a pretty heavy courseload and I’m nervous about getting enough time for my own project, but this is my only chance to take the class because of engineering requirements senior year so I am very excited to see how it all goes!

Hello fellow musicians

My name is Valeryan Besselyanov, but I go by Val to most. I am a senior chemistry major who has been wanting to take this course for almost my entire time here. I have been playing guitar/bass for about 8 years, know a bit of piano, and am a decent singer. I have involved myself with many musical projects throughout the years, ranging from duos, to full-fledged bands with recordings and live shows, to solo creations. I have a few years of experience recording/mixing and composing music, both instrumental and electronic-based. My program of choice is Ableton Live. I am also a member of Cornell’s Improvisation Ensemble. I am extremely excited to be honing in on my interests  in a formal setting because I’ve basically been winging it this whole. Making music is my favorite thing to do in the world so I expect to broaden my skills and produce some wonderful new things, whether it is on my own or in collaboration with others.


Hey all,

My name is Sam Rosenberg and I’m a senior in ILR. I played jazz saxophone for 12 years and have a cursory knowledge of piano. I’ve always been interested in playing music and also wanted an opportunity to create and edit music. I’ve played around with garage band recently but want a better knowledge of how to mold music through more advanced programs. I’m also interested in how films are scored musically and how they create the sounds for the scenes and effects, so I hope to explore that in this class.

Sam Rosenberg

Vinny Wang – Introduction

Hi all,

My name is Zhen, but most people know me by Vinny. I am a senior in the College of Engineering studying Materials Science and Engineering.

I wanted to take this course because I never had the opportunity to explore my interest in music before this semester. After reading some of your posts, I feel kind of like a fish out of water; unlike most of you, I don’t have much experience with music. Yes, I do love listening to all types of music, but I never played an instrument nor do I have a knack for singing or composing.

Regardless, I’m really excited, and a little nervous, for the semester, but I know that there is much to be learned that will only strengthen my appreciation for music and the musically talented.

Excited to embark on this musical journey with you all.


Keima Udoka Introduction

Hi fellow music-lovers!

My name is Keima.
I’m a filmmaker and musician experienced in singing, songwriting,video editing and sound design for film. I’ve played around with Reason, Garageband and Pro Tools. I’m currently learning guitar and piano in order to make song recording easier.

After taking Sound Design in the PMA department and loving it, I wanted to continue learning about audio recording from a musical angle. I love hybrid genres, particularly the union of R&B and alternative.
I’m looking to collaborate with other musicians this semester in order to create something new.


Danny Carpenter – Introduction


My name is Danny, and I’m a junior undergrad in Computer Science. I’ve played saxophone through high school and I can play basic things on a piano, but I don’t consider either at performance quality. The main reason I’m taking this class is because I’ve never done any electronic music creation, and I’m hoping I can get introduced to some of the tools to give me a starting point. I also consider game design one of my interests, and I’m especially interested in music that changes dynamically based on actions taken by the player.

I’d also like to advertise a start-up I’ve worked with before, because some people in the class might be interested. Thinkplay creates programmable “ePedals” that can be linked with audio/video triggers and traded with others online (it’s better described on the website, I personally didn’t work on the hardware/audio part of the software). If that interests you, I think they’re currently looking for beta testers, and if you are a programmer I think they’re always looking for more people to work on the software.

Anyway, looking forward to taking the course and seeing what everyone creates!

Claire Straus – Introduction

Hello everyone!

I’m a senior MechE major. I used to play piano but nowadays my main instrument is the viola. I’ve played in a couple of the Cornell orchestras (CSO and CCO) in the past, but now I just play in a small string ensemble on campus called String Theory. You probably haven’t heard of us but we play some kind of non-traditional music for string players, like covers of pop songs and TV/movie/video game themes. For any Whovians in the class, here’s a video of us playing a medley of Doctor Who themes:

Since I started playing with String Theory I’ve been getting really into music arranging, using Sibelius and Noteflight. I’ve only done strings so far though. I’d really like to play around and see what other kinds of music I can make on the computer, so I’m pretty excited for this class.

Looking forward to a great semester!

Introduction (Matt Miller)

My name is Matt Miller.  I’m a senior studying computer science.

I am very fussy about my music.  For starters, I probably don’t like it if it has lyrics.  I played percussion in band for elementary school and high school, which was good because it was all instrumental.  I ended up usually playing timpani during high school, mostly because everyone else was too afraid to touch them, and also because they are great.  I also performed with the orchestra and the choir whenever they needed the timps.

I look forward to taking this course and meeting everyone!

Adam Davis – Introduction

Hi All,

My name is Adam Davis and I am a senior economics major.  I played jazz saxophone from 4th grade until senior year of high school, so I would say my musical roots lie in jazz.  Since then, I’ve gotten pretty into hip-hop (but I love all genres of music…except maybe Country); I’ve used Logic Pro pretty extensively to make beats and such (mostly hip-hop, some alternative/electronic), but I haven’t really experimented with other DAWs, which is something I’m looking forward to trying.

Looking forward to meeting many of you and listening to your music!



Hey Everyone,

My name is Stephanie Grant, and I’m a senior at Cornell.  Since it’s my last semester, it’s a great time for me to take other classes that directly correspond to my interests.

I’ve used music software such as Cubase and Protools in the the past.
I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for 8 1/2 years, piano for 6 years.  I enjoy playing piano by ear and making covers of popular music.
I am an Alto singer, and I also play Ukelele and just recently began to play the acoustic bass.
I can also beatbox (for fun anyways).

Due to my music inclination, I thought this class would be an awesome learning experience which would help me explore music even further.  I’ve been really busy for the past few semesters and haven’t had the chance to be in Lincoln and play music as much as I’d like to.  I’m also hoping to learn more about remixing, and making some cool beats.   I want to go into Entertainment Law in the future, specifically Music law, so learning more about the technical side would really help!

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