Hey Everyone

I’m Steven Bell and I’m a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in government (international relations).  I’ve played the piano since the 3rd grade and stopped taking formal lessons during my junior year of high school.  I used to play for a couple of choirs at my church back home before I came to college.  It was a good way for me to continue doing what I enjoy.  I’ve recorded a number songs in my small recording studio at home and have had a few of them copyrighted.  I am familiar with some basic recording techniques given my limited experience with the studio software Cubase.  From this class I’m hoping to learn more about recording music and creating digital music so that I can apply them to my own works.  I am more than willing to work in groups.  I’ve been waiting to take this class for years and I look forward to the experience.

Thomas Owens- Intro

Hey Everyone

I am a senior in CALS majoring in Communication Technology, I have very little experience with any one particular instrument but I have dabbled with several. Because this is my last semester of college and I wanted to branch out and try something out side my comfort zone. I am a big EDM fan and I feel this class would be a great way to understand how those artists make their music.

I look forward to meet you all and hearing your creations.

Zach Anderson

Hi, I’m a senior studying physics (Arts and Sciences).

I’ve played the violin for 12 years, although not particularly frequently since coming to college. I’ve mainly played classical and folk music of various sorts, but I was also in a Jazz band for several years.  I’ve had some additional experience with music theory and composition.  I enjoy listening to most types of music, although I don’t find popular dance music from the past 50 years particularly interesting (with some exceptions).  My computer music experience is rather limited, but I’ve experimented briefly with several open source DAWs, and played around with sound manipulation in a few programming languages.

I don’t have any particular goals in mind for this class, but my interests involve working with unconventional sound sources, incorporating computer use into live performance, and experimenting with homebuilt audio hardware (electronic and acoustic). I’d be happy to collaborate on a variety of projects.

Jevon Yu – Introduction


My name is Jevon Yu and I am a junior in Operations Research and Information Engineering.  Music has been a huge part of my life from an early age.  My mom started teaching me piano from a young age, and I have been a part of concert and marching bands throughout my educational career.  I have a strong sense of musicality and have experience playing a variety of genres.  I have perfect pitch and am able to improvise well on the piano.  At Cornell, I play music through worship bands at Chinese Bible Study (an on-campus Christian fellowship) and First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church.  I have a little experience doing some digital recording, but have not really explored much of it and have not had studio quality equipment to do so.  I am looking forward to expanding my skill set and horizons through this course.

Instruments:  Piano, oboe, baritone horn, guitar, bass, drums

I am willing to work with others on projects and am excited to see what we are able to put together!

-Jevon Yu


Hi everyone :)

Hello, my name is Michelle Chang and I’m pretty new to the computer music scene. I’ve done a little bit of dabbling in Garageband, but mostly just recording in real time. I’m a pianist and a singer, but primarily a singer. I also play a liiiiittle bit of ukulele 🙂

I’m currently a senior in Operations Research, and I’m taking this class because I want to learn more about how music is made and how you can use programs to manipulate sounds into something entirely new. Like I said, I have a little bit of a musical background, and I’m really looking forward to expanding it and learning some from the rest of you!

All the best,


Introduction – Emerson Bilodeau

Hey Everybody,

My name is Emerson and I am a senior in the College of Engineering studying Materials Science. I have a very limited musical background, only having played percussion in middle school. I wish I were more musically talented, but I have never had the time or opportunity to learn. I have always had a great appreciation for music and those who make it. I love to listen to all kinds of music, especially hip-hop. This class will be the first time I will have the opportunity to try music making first hand and I am looking forward to getting started.


Hi, everyone! My name is Shengnan and I’m a sophomore major in civil engineering. I want to take this course because I really want to learn how to create my own music!

I have played piano for more the 10 years. I played  in my high school orchestra for two years and we won first place in the competition in universal studio! I’m also applying to become a chimesmaster this semester. I’m sure that will be a lot of fun~

I love all kinds of music, country, pop, rock, classical…

Anyway, I’m really excited and looking forward to start have fun in this class!


Hi, my name is Andrew Huang. I’m a senior in Arts & Sciences majoring in China & Asia-Pacific Studies. I’m taking this course because I’d like to learn more about the techniques and software involved behind the art of creating music with computers. Not much of a music background other than a few years of piano lessons as a kid (which I suppose might be another reason why I’m interested in pursuing the computer as an instrument instead), but I have had many experiences with audio editing for projects and other assignments.

I’m a big fan of electronic / house music and enjoy songs with heavy sampling and mashups if they’re done right. I also enjoy listening to hip hop / jazz  and my creative agenda for this class is to try to understand and recreate the sounds from some of my favorite artists.

I also need this course to fulfill a Literature & Arts requirement to graduate, so that’s a plus.

Hi! I’m Kelvin Jin

I’m Kelvin, and I’m a junior studying Computer Science in Arts & Sciences. I’m taking this class because I’m interested in composing and producing music!

As far as experience goes, I played piano for about four years when I was really little (circa elementary school), and violin for five years, so I have some music theory background – though I haven’t had any formal education in music since then. I began writing music in 2008, and in 2010 started to create music for a game I was making (recall: I’m a CS major). The game didn’t get very far, but I’ve been continuing to write music up until now. Also, in the past year or so I’ve started using FL Studio as a production tool. I’m still learning, though.

I primarily enjoy listening to electronic music (esp. house, trance, liquid dubstep & dnb) and I’m a sucker for catchy melodies and complextro in particular.

I look forward to meeting you all, and learning more about making music with computers!! 🙂

Kelvin Jin



my name is Michael Neborak and I’m a junior in the engineering school and I’m majoring in Computer Science.  I’ve played the piano since I was four, getting slightly competitive with it in middle and high school with NYSSMA, now I play for enjoyment.

My favorite music is by far EDM, specifically the electro and progressive house genres.  Looking back at all the music I’ve ever liked, I’ve realized that all the songs fall under the genre of electronic dance music in some way.  I have extensive experience using Logic Pro along with synthesizers like Sylenth1, Massive, and Nexus.  I love the EDM genre in general such as any house, dub step, trance, techno, complextro, etc. Due to my piano history I heavily appreciate classical music, but I’ll appreciate anything else, especially hip-hop and alternative rock.

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