My name is Eileen Ceconi and I’m a senior Biological Engineer.   I played classical piano from the ages of 5-15, but I’m pretty rusty by now. I don’t really have any experience creating my own stuff or performing (outside of childhood piano recitals….).  Within the past few years I’ve become interested in electronic music, usually steering towards more minimal stuff.   I’m really excited to play around with different software in this class and learn about sampling; I would love to start doing this in my spare time. Definitely open to collaboration, so if anyone else likes spacey, synthy electronic let me know!


My name is Dan and I’m a senior in Engineering Physics. I have some experience with music theory and performance (guitar and piano) from high school, but would like learn more about editing and synthesizing music.

I also have lots of experience writing software, and might pursue live programming (like this) for the last project. If anybody needs a programmer during this course, I’d be happy to help.


My name’s Jacob Lifton, and I’m currently a senior in Arts and Sciences. I’m a premed Spanish major, but I’ve been interested in music, particularly piano. I’m classically trained, and I’ve been in a couple of bands throughout the years, but lately I’ve had trouble finding people to play with, and I’ve gotten somewhat frustrated with the limitations of learning and playing pieces solo. I very recently realized that electronic music of some sort or another would allow me to produce big sounds just as one person, so I got Logic and a MIDI keyboard, and have been doodling around with various settings and such for a month or so now. I’m particularly interested in writing somewhat danceable/groovy-experimental/jazz electronic music. I’m hoping this class can teach me about sampling, synthesis, mastering, and the host of other techniques that can be used to make good music. Looking forward to it!


Electronic Music 2009 by Charles Cacioppo

A composition of mine from 2009


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