Kevin Nielsen – Introduction


My name is Kevin Nielsen. I recently moved here from Madrid, Spain to study Hotel Administration. I have always had a passion for music but have never pursued it. I have some experience playing the Piano. I am hoping to minor in music and explore different areas of the Cornell music department. I am hoping that this class will provide an introductory foundation to new software that I would not have had a chance to explore otherwise. I am not sure what to expect from the course but I am sure that it will be a great experience.



Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you all in this class. I am a graduate student in Baker program in real estate. I was an architect and urban designer in China before coming here. I am a rookie for music. But I do like it and want to be able to create some of my own works someday. This is why I am here. Look forward to making friends with you and learning from you guys!

Have a nice weekend,



Hi, my name is Julia Klein and I’m a sophomore doing a double major in my independent major which is Music & Neurobiology and a major in Psychology. I am pursuing the Computing in the Arts Minor from the Psychology track and I’m definitely looking forward to Music 1421. I am a singer/songwriter and I also play piano/guitar/ukelele. I’d be happy to collaborate with other people! I have some knowledge of Logic Pro X and am looking forward to branching out and learning about new programs. I’m very into indie/folk music, but my own music is more pop soul-esque. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else!


Hi Everybody!

My name is Gavin Acres. I’m a second-semester senior, double-majoring in Applied Economics & Management and Communication, while minoring in Information Science.

Coming from a dairy farm, there wasn’t much else to do while milking cows but sing a LOT. I’ve done quite a bit of singing in the past, participating in five musicals and three different vocal groups in high school. I’d be happy to add my baritone voice to any singing you need help with.

I also know how to play rhythm guitar at what I would qualify as an intermediate level. I’ve been writing my own songs for a while now and, since college, have been fiddling with ProTools and Audacity to record them. I really struggle, however, with writing lyrics and would appreciate help in that area during this semester.

I’ve been really getting into indie electronic music for the past couple years, with bands you’ve never heard like Faded Paper Figures and Freelance Whales. I’d like to emulate a sound like these bands whiAs such, I’ve been very interested in how those sounds are created via software interfaces and would like to learn more about synthesizers, mastering, etc.

About Me

Hello! My name is Nate Goldman. I am a senior majoring in Biology. I listen to a lot of acoustic/indie as well as electronic music and I thought it would be interesting to combine the two sounds. I like to sing and play guitar and I’m taking this class completely for fun. I’m looking forward to learning a lot and hearing the awesome music that everyone produces.

Hi everybody

Hey all,

My name is Jon, and I am a Senior studying Operations Research Engineering and Computer Science. I am interested in this class because I think the ability to create electronic music is evolving the music in many exciting ways. I play the piano, guitar, and the violin. I am most experienced on the violin as I was the concertmaster of the Tacoma Youth Symphony in my high school years. Most of my experience is playing in string ensembles, such as quartets. I enjoy many genres of music such as rock, R&B, classical, jazz, blues, and EDM. I am definitely interested in working with others although I must admit I am taking a rigorous schedule.

Looking forward to meeting the rest of you!



This is Ray Kim, a senior majoring in chemistry.  I do not really play any musical instruments.  I learned a little bit of this and that but I would hardly call myself even an “amateur” at any.  I do not have much background knowledge in music either.  Though, I have been working on some sequencing programs such as cubase and flstudio for several years now.  I somewhat felt that certain things were better for me to be learned than to rely on my raw intuition such as tweaking the sounds because I just could not simply play with the sounds without understanding them.

I was more of an urban and hiphop type of guy, but recently got intrigued by electronic music, especially this genre called dubstep.  I personally feel that acoustic music is the one that is hard to get tired of, and I am wondering how I can connect acoustic and dubstep smoothly while keeping the strengths of both.

But, that is merely my recent interest, and I am willing to try anything interesting that comes while taking this course.  I am definitely willing to collaborate if there is something I can do for the team.

I hope we’d have a great semester taking this course.


My name is Eileen Ceconi and I’m a senior Biological Engineer.   I played classical piano from the ages of 5-15, but I’m pretty rusty by now. I don’t really have any experience creating my own stuff or performing (outside of childhood piano recitals….).  Within the past few years I’ve become interested in electronic music, usually steering towards more minimal stuff.   I’m really excited to play around with different software in this class and learn about sampling; I would love to start doing this in my spare time. Definitely open to collaboration, so if anyone else likes spacey, synthy electronic let me know!


My name is Dan and I’m a senior in Engineering Physics. I have some experience with music theory and performance (guitar and piano) from high school, but would like learn more about editing and synthesizing music.

I also have lots of experience writing software, and might pursue live programming (like this) for the last project. If anybody needs a programmer during this course, I’d be happy to help.


My name’s Jacob Lifton, and I’m currently a senior in Arts and Sciences. I’m a premed Spanish major, but I’ve been interested in music, particularly piano. I’m classically trained, and I’ve been in a couple of bands throughout the years, but lately I’ve had trouble finding people to play with, and I’ve gotten somewhat frustrated with the limitations of learning and playing pieces solo. I very recently realized that electronic music of some sort or another would allow me to produce big sounds just as one person, so I got Logic and a MIDI keyboard, and have been doodling around with various settings and such for a month or so now. I’m particularly interested in writing somewhat danceable/groovy-experimental/jazz electronic music. I’m hoping this class can teach me about sampling, synthesis, mastering, and the host of other techniques that can be used to make good music. Looking forward to it!


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