Connecting your laptop to studio computers and speakers

1) Using the cable supplied in each studio (1/8″ to split 1/4″, red and white), connect your laptop output to the front “Hi-Z 1 and 2” inputs on the Apogee Ensemble (top-most silver device under the computer).

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 5.46.56 PM

2) In either Audacity or Live, set monitoring to “On” or arm record for channels 1 & 2 — in Audacity, 1& 2 are the default; in Live you must specify the track input, as shown here:

Tutorial on “Recording Audio” (as needed):

3 (May be needed)) Open the “Apogee Maestro” software (in /Applications if not shown as a purple “A” icon in the Macintosh dock). In the software’s “Input” tab, under channels 1 & 2 (left-most channels), set the input from “Mic” to either “Inst” (instrument) or “+4”, depending on what is listed.

  • If you do this, please do set it back to “Mic” when you are finished as this might confuse others using the studio after you.


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