Microphone sanitation

When visiting CEMC studios, as with any lab space on campus utilizing shared equipment (see Cornell guidance), sanitation will be an important part of studio protocols. Keyboards and mice, as well as the desktop itself will are the most obvious, similar to any shared desk or table on campus. But electronic music studios have additional shared items whose design and sensitivity require specific treatment.


When using common microphones, the following is recommended.

1. Students must wear an approved mask during any microphone use.

2. Use sanitizing wipes provided, clean the microphone body itself, including the front grill. Then proceed to other surfaces you will come into contact with, such as the microphone clip, the cable, and the adjustment mechanisms of the microphone stand.

2. Use a disposable microphone cover, provided on the desk within each studio. You will want to remove this cover when you exit the studio out of courtesy to the next user. If the microphone is covered when you arrive, replace it with a new one, sanitizing your hands and the mic before putting on a new cover for your own use.

Further advice is provided by the Shure microphone company, makers of the mics we’ll be using this semester.

How should I clean my microphone?

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