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Class materials for Oct. 27th Lab

Class materials for 10/27 labs can be found here.

Listening from today

— there are many other performances of this piece to listen to

In Bb crowd-sourced music project, homage to Riley

Reason review and videos of interest

A number of you requested links to video tutorials or other help related to Reason. Here are some resources:

– Reason Subtractor

Please see the following breakdown of the Subtractor analog synthesizer as discussed in lecture.

And more from Propellerheads:
basics — also, a video overview

NN-XT Advanced Sampler

Redrum and Dr. Rex drum machines

Combinators (advances use)

There are many other resource available of varying quality. I always find it informative to peruse the many disparate ways people are using Reason, a remarkably flexible tool for sound design and composition. Often these reveal hidden techniques and tricks for better sound design.

Content for today


Some media from today’s lecture

Moog synthesizer:

R.A. Moog Co. Trumansburg Factory

David Borden’s Continuing Story of Counterpoint (Part I, 1977)

Buchla Synthesizer

History and the San Francisco Tape Music Center (Hoodline)

History of the Buchla Synthesizer

Morton Subotnick’s Silver Apples of the Moon (excerpt)

FM Synthesis

The origins of FM, CCRMA, and John Chowning (Father of the Digital Synthesizer)

PureData software

Materials for Thursday lab session

One small step

Music 1101, a class alternative

To all students looking to join a music course this semester but who were unable to get into Music 1421–particularly Frenshman and Sophmores who might be thinking of a major or minor in music–I have a recommendation: 1101 Elements of Music, taught by Prof. Andrew Hicks.

As a past a future guest of the course, I can highly recommend it for its nicely-intermingled historical and hands-on/practical approach. A syllabus for the semester is attached for your perusal. Feel free to ask me or contact Prof. Hicks if you think the course might be right for you.

Music 1101 Syllabus

Final class concert

Final semester concert, May 15th at 2pm in Lincoln Hall B20

Concert Order (with rehearsal time in parenthesis):

Joseph Simmons (10:30)
TJ Hurd and Wesley Jung (10:50)
Shining (Christina) Sun (11:10)
Amy Lin (11:30)
Albert Kung/Ryan Lin

Thomas Torng (11:40 … please show up earlier to setup) — Intermission

Adit Arya (12 noon)
Paul DeVito (12:20)
Pehuen Moure  (12:40)
Emre Findik
Miguel Palines (1pm)
Jenae Lowe (1:20)

Tuesday and Thursday project #2 presentation

Below are the (randomly selected) group presentation dates and order. Again, if you have not already, please let me know what equipment you need for your performance/presentation. We are planning to present and discuss these in B20 but you are free to use another space as the project seems appropriate (another motivation for us to view the concert and installation pieces together yesterday). Let me know if I can help secure an appropriate space for your idea.

Let me know if there are any errors in the group listing below…one or two of you never wrote and so I am going on a verbal discussion.


Group 1:
– TJ Hurd
– Wesley Jung

Group 2:
– Amy Lin
– Ryan Lin
– Albert Kung

Group 3:
– Paul Devito
– Adit Arya


Group 4:
– Thomas Torng
– Christina Sun
– Emre Findik

Group 5:
– Pehuen Moure
– M. Jenae Lowe

Group 6:
– Joseph Simmons
– Miguel Palines

Project 1 performances, March 8th and 10th

Here is the randomly generated order for this coming week’s in-class performances:

Tuesday March 8th: Thursday March 10th:
Adit Arya Amy Lin
Wesley Jung Albert Kung
Joseph Simmons Emre Findik
Shining Sun Pehun Moure
Ryan Lin Jeffrey Hurd
Thomas Torng M. Jenae Lowe
Paul DeVito Miguel Palines


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