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Microphone sanitation

When visiting CEMC studios, as with any lab space on campus utilizing shared equipment (see Cornell guidance), sanitation will be an important part of studio protocols. Keyboards and mice, as well as the desktop itself will are the most obvious, similar to any shared desk or table on campus. But electronic music studios have additional shared items whose design and sensitivity require specific treatment.


When using common microphones, the following is recommended.

1. Students must wear an approved mask during any microphone use.

2. Use sanitizing wipes provided, clean the microphone body itself, including the front grill. Then proceed to other surfaces you will come into contact with, such as the microphone clip, the cable, and the adjustment mechanisms of the microphone stand.

2. Use a disposable microphone cover, provided on the desk within each studio. You will want to remove this cover when you exit the studio out of courtesy to the next user. If the microphone is covered when you arrive, replace it with a new one, sanitizing your hands and the mic before putting on a new cover for your own use.

Further advice is provided by the Shure microphone company, makers of the mics we’ll be using this semester.

How should I clean my microphone?

Amy lin’s Madeon remix performance

Here’s the performance based on the project we worked with this afternoon in labs.

Migrating Shadows with Prof. Ernste, Saturday, 1pm — Johnson Museum of Art

The Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra

Composer Kyle Simpson and his Pittsburgh-based chamber orchestra will perform his original scores alongside a live screening of two of the most popular movies from the silent film era: “A Trip to the Moon” (1902) and “The Kingdom of the Fairies” (1903) by French director Georges Méliès.
Students are cordially invited to join The Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra on November 22, 2019 at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music at Mary Flagler Cary Hall at 8 p.m. The admission is $10 for adults and $8 for students.

Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra Presents A Trip To the Moon

Hip-hop collective

A number of you have been asking about courses for next semester and I thought this might interest some of you:

MUSIC 3616,C Hip-Hop Collective

This course is open to experienced rappers and beatmakers interested in improving their craft and forging collaborative relationships with other students. Weekly meetings will entail workshopping lyrics and beats, composing collaborative tracks, improvising/freestyling, and developing performance skills.

Listening from today’s class

Pierre Schaeffer’s “Etude aux chemins de fer”, 1948:

Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Etude II”, 1954

John Cage’s Sonata V from “Sonatas and Interludes”, 1945:

Steve Reich’s “Different Trains”, 1988:

Allan Schindler’s “Breath of Life”, 1997 … excerpt and description.

Kevin Ernste’s “To Be Neither Proud Nor Ashamed”, 2002.


Edgard Varese, Poème électronique

Varese was a grandfather of electronic music, someone dedicated to the possibilities of music made with audio signals and loud speakers even before such means existed.

This piece–composed and connection with the 1958 Brussels World Fair for the experimental Philips Pavilion designed by fames architect Le Corbusier–is a fulfillment of those early ideas. More information can be found here.

Video.and audio below:

Music of former students

Today in class I began to share some work done by former students of Music 1421 and 2421 (my advanced follow-up course).

I wanted to pass aky some of that work here for you to listen to … and inspire your own work for the semester.


Nathan Ward’s “punk rock” setting of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Alone”:

Ross Anderson’s “Auto DJ”, with video explaining the project.

Suneth Attygale’s “Drum Solo” for live drummer, beatboxer, and laptop.

Ethan M’s “Patton’s Naked Lunch”.

Amy Lin’s remake/cover of Madeon’s original “Pop Culture“:

Studio signup reminder

To sign up for a studio time on the course website, log in with the username you created. Then:

1. Go to “Studios” and click on “Sign up for studio times —>”

2. Choose a studio to sign up for from the drop-down menu.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 10.53.57 PM


Note that at the top of this signup page, you will also see a list of your current bookings, if any. Here you can cancel times that you no longer need, important as a courtesy to you colleagues.

3. Click on a desired time slot and confirm it. The schedule defaults to showing the current week and the following week, but you can navigate to future calendars as you like.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 10.56.17 PM

Sound check times and performance order

Below is the concert order for tomorrow, including soundcheck times listed after. Performances start at 3pm. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Steven Romero — 2:20
Brady Kellum — 2:00
David Cabuenas — 1:40
Tyler Tracy and Pablo Ruiz — 1:20
Rene Jean-Baptiste — 1:00
Yihao Chen — 12:40
Amanda Trang — 12:20


Huy Le, Kai Pacheco, and Anshuman Das — Any time after 10 for setup and soundcheck
Jerry Xuan Yu Liu — 12:00
Charles Chatman — 11:40
Anna Bores — 11:20
Chris Oh
Salief Lewis 11:00

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