Check out my Project 1

Hey guys,

I would love to hear what you guys think about my piece “Power Walking.” I made it in Ableton and I mixed in a sample from “The Walker” by Fitz and the Tantrums. Leave me a comment for feedback and I look forward to listening to your projects as well.


Ray Li and SoundSpace opportunity

From Ray Li who visited Music 1421 with his “SoundSpace” interface:

Dear Musicians,

We are currently developing a gestural musical interface for live performance, called “SoundSpace.” Our interface consists of several motion-based musical instruments, as well as the ability to record and manipulate loops of these instruments. One of the instruments from SoundSpace is “The Aura,” of which you can see a video here:

SoundSpace will be showcased in a concert on Saturday, May 3rd at 7pm in Bailey Hall. We are seeking a musician to perform with the gloves at this event. We encourage all interested musicians to apply, though candidates with the following qualifications will be favored in our selection process:

1. Ability to quickly learn new instruments.
2. Ability to commit the necessary amount of practice time, esp. in the 3 weeks prior to the event.
3. Proficiency in multiple instruments, preferably including percussion, vocals, and some continuously-pitched instrument.
4. Preferably, experience with live looping

If you are interested in performing with the gloves, please send an email to RL396 AT by Friday, March 7th with the following:

1. A video (or two) which you believe best showcases your musicianship. If you have experience with live looping, please send an example of this.
2. A paragraph (or two) about your musical background, musical tastes (esp. electronic artists), and why you would like to perform with the gloves.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ray Li

Network Drive problem

The Network Drive problem has been fixed in all studios. With it having been offline, please take an extra day to hand in this first assignment. You can access the drive from any of the three studio computers. If it is ever offline again, see the FAQ for how to mount it…very easy to do.

Studio B hand-in troubles

There appears to be a problem in Studio B (B25B) with seeing the Network Drive. Since the files for this first assignment are, for the most part, very short, it should be fine to attach or send them to me and/or you TA directly, just this once (see our email addresses on the class syllabus). To those working in other studios, please do hand-in your results normally as described in the assignment description.

We will fix the problem as soon as possible! Thanks to those of you who let me know.

Registration closed

NOTE: New user registrations can be requested via the Contact page as the open registration period for the Spring semester is now closed in order to inhibit SPAM.


Hey guys I’m Vaibhav (or Vaibs if you want). I’m a senior in AEM.

I played a few instruments in high school, and got into DJ’ing and music production since freshman year of college. My style is mainly EDM (all sub-genres of it too), and I’d definitely be down to collaborate and exchange ideas etc.

I use Ableton and a few controllers for production, and either CDJs or controllers with a Traktor setup for DJ’ing.

Pumped for this course and to meet all of you!

James Rainis – Introduction

Hey guys,

My name is James Rainis and I’m a senior in Communications. I’ve been around music for most of my life, but have been playing guitar and bass for about 8 years. I’m mostly self-taught (I’m trying to teach myself drums at the moment), but benefited greatly from four years of music theory education in high school, which has helped me acquire some rudimentary piano skills. I am an omnivorous music listener and like to try to incorporate a myriad of sounds into the songs I write. I have been recording onto my laptop for several years and am familiar with both Logic Pro and Garageband. I am also currently trying to learn Ableton, but I’m finding the interface to be quite different from anything I’ve worked with before.

I’m extremely excited to begin the meat of this course and am interested in collaboration of all kinds. If you want to jam/need a second opinion on a mix/whatever, I’m down. Looking at everyone’s introductions, I’m sure I can learn a lot from you all!

Studio signup

A brief reminder tutorial for studio signup has been posted in the site FAQ. If you have further trouble, please ask.

Matthew Joe – Introduction

Hi Everyone,

My name is Matthew Joe and I’m a senior in ILR. I started playing piano when I was really young and have played the string bass and the bass guitar up until college. I have always been fascinated by how songs at the top of the radio charts were created and have always wanted to try to create my own. I am a big fan of rap and pop sounding EDM.  I have played around with Garageband and recently bought logic pro x and am learning how to use it. I’m looking forward to learning more about producing and collaborating with others in this class.

Introduction – Jonathan Chen

Hey Everyone!

I am currently a senior majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society.  As far as musical background goes, I have played the piano and clarinet for several years.  I’ve also tried learning the ukelele and guitar, but am still somewhat of a beginner.  I also enjoy singing though it’s more of a hobby.  From this class, I hope to develop and hone my abilities in composing and producing music, which is an area of music I have always wanted to venture into.  I am extremely excited to admire and learn from the talents of my peers in the class!

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