Tong Liu

Hi everyone! My name is Tong Liu and I am a senior majoring in Economics. I played piano growing up and also played the clarinet in high school. I enjoy a wide variety of music, especially hip-hop and EDM. I’m hoping to learn more about making music with computers and look forward to creating some cool projects this semester.

Sady Ramirez

Hi everyone,

My name is Sady and I’m a senior in the ILR School. My father was a music producer and composer back in Colombia before coming to South Florida, and I inherited his passion for music. I’ve self-taught myself how to play various instruments: guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Recently, I’ve been working on composing my own songs. I hope that the learning from this course will allow me to bring some of my songs to life.

Hi I’m Olivia

Like the title says, my name is Olivia Dawd and I’m a senior studying Computer Science. I’ve always been interested in music and have been playing music since 5th grade. I first started off on the saxophone, but then got more interested in playing a drum set and bass more recently to play along with my favorite rock tunes. I’ve more recently got into composing my own music and mixing and mastering. I’m taking this class because I’m really interested in learning more about music and how to use computers to make cool sounds!

Jonathan Fisher

Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan, a senior Human Development major. I’ve been singing in the Cornell Glee Club since my freshman fall, know a little violin, and have dabbled in composing.

I’m taking this course to explore composition, especially in the intersection between music and technology. I’m also a writer/director, so I’m interested in film scoring. I’m open to collaborating with others, and looking forward to class!

Hi, I’m Joy

Hi! My name’s Joy Hubbard and I’m a senior English & psychology double major from San Diego. I’m extremely passionate about music, and I’ve recently become interested in music production so when I heard about this class I decided right away that it was the class for me. I play drums a little bit, but I’m still a beginner who is hoping to improve (once I have more frequent access to a kit). I enjoy all sorts of music, especially punk, indie rock, and some subgenres of EDM. I’m looking forward to this class and potentially working with some of you.

Thaya Psyhojos

Hi! My name is Thaya Psyhojos, and I am a senior in the ILR School. I am involved in the concert scene at Cornell as a member of Cornell Concert Commission. While I mainly play my acoustic electric guitar, I also play the piano rather poorly and learned a few songs on ukulele over the summer, but I am excited to learn about the digital production side of things.

Claire Chen

Hi everyone!

I’m Claire, a junior studying electrical and computer engineering.  I took piano lessons for years as a kid, and though I hated practicing, I have always and still enjoy tinkering around on a keyboard.  I took an intro music theory in the music department last semester to gain a deeper understanding of music.  I’ve wanted to take this class since I heard about it freshman year, so I’m so excited to work with you all!


David Karabinos

Hello everyone,

My name is David Karabinos and I’m a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. I’ve played a few different instruments in the past: electric guitar, cello, and piano. Over the more recent years of my life however, things have gotten in the way of me continuing my practice of music, but I hope that through this class, I can incorporate what I’ve learned here at Cornell with music, a previous passion of mine.

Final Project

My name is Hanxiang Hao, a master student in ECE department. I’m also a percussionist in CU Winds and I used to play in post-rock, punk and pop-rock bands in college as a drummer. So if anyone looks for a drummer or wants to work with me in project, feel free to contact me!


Hi everyone!

My name’s Jacob Grossfeld and I’m a current senior in Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics. I’ve been playing guitar and bass for around 8 years now, and I’ve spent some time in the past writing and recording music although I will admit that my production has receded since I went to college, which is partially why I signed up for this class. However, I still devote a significant portion of my time towards music, as I’ve become involved in both the on-campus radio station, WVBR, the student run record label, Electric Buffalo Records, and have some experience working in the business and administrative fields of the music industry. I’ve always been super intrigued by the idea of producing music and have been looking for an instructional hands-on course on DAWs and recording and whatnot for awhile, so I’m super excited to be here. Thanks!

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