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Bieber, Diplo, and Skrillex on Ableton

Skrillex’s words about computer music at the 7:30 mark are inspiring.


Controllers from lecture

Osculator (with patches for Wiimote, Wacom, mobile/touchosc, guitar hero, etc):

Here are some links to controllers from lecture.

FaceOSC, BlinkOSC (including examples for PD, Live, and others):

BONUS: a graphical sequencer, Iannix…this will blow your mind ūüėČ

Alex Kresovich

Former student of¬†Professor Kevin Ernste (Music 1421: Introduction to Computer Music, and Music 2421: Computers in Music Performance) Alex Kresovich (aka “AK”) has made a growing career for himself as a producer including a new track, “Thorns”, on CeeLo Green‘s latest album.

CeeLo, Heart Blanche on iTunes

The song can be streamed on SoundCloud here:

Before that, among many notable accomplishments–and just as an indicator of his level of exposure. his track “Cold War” has received¬†nearly 2¬†million listens on SoundCloud since it’s release there in February.

He was recently interviewed here:
ASCAP Interview with Producer Alex Kresovich

Here, too, for fun is his original Music 1421 “Assignment 0” class blog introduction (old website):

Rewire Day 10-29

Good morning/afternoon!
Please download the following for today’s lab:

Lab 10/22

Hello- We’re going to make a sampler library!
Please download the following:

Synthesis Lab 10-15

For reference

flute at C4+ sine tone in Reason

Tear Down This Wall!

Hey all,

Some of you heard my project¬†in the morning section. For those of you who have not heard it, here is a link¬†to the piece on Soundcloud. After¬†the morning section, I felt¬†inspired, so I made a couple of minor edits. The piece is intended to be a blend¬†of several different styles, including EDM, jazz, rock, and other genres that I don’t have training in, all through the lens of the Cold War. Please feel free to leave a comment below! I welcome all criticism.


Materials from today

John Chowning’s original paper on FM synthesis

Chowning’s own work, Stria, using the Golden Mean as the carrier/modulator ratio

Also interesting and relevant to the listening, Chowning’s paper on the perception of sounds moving ins space, including Doppler shifting and other effects.

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