Introduction – Sawyer Neely

Hi everyone. I’m Sawyer and I am a current freshman here at Cornell, currently majoring in biology but still pretty much undecided. I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. I started Cello when I was four years old but fell out of it around the start of high school. I have also played trumpet since fourth grade and played it in my school’s wind ensemble and jazz band. I’d have to say my favorite instrument though is the piano despite only starting it freshman year of high school. I was trained classically but after hearing a piano tuner play our upright at home, I started to try and emulate his style which I assumed to be  simple improvisation. I really like how with the piano, I’m able to play accompaniment for myself and play full chords as opposed to my previous instruments where I could only play a single line of notes.

For a while, I’ve been interested in recording my piano to make a loop so I could just focus on working each hand individually and I never really did that but I did get Logic this past summer and have experimented with that. I discovered a little about midi and found that I could edit them which I found to be pretty fun. So, when I saw this class, I knew I had to take it. I hope to be able to learn how to utilize a DAW to its potential and create a finished project. I like almost every genre of music and if anyone would like to collaborate, I’d love to do it.

Introduction – Dean Olin

Hi All,

My name is Dean Olin. I’m a senior in Information Science. Prior to coming to Cornell, I worked in the IT industry for about 13 years. About 4 years ago, I realized that I didn’t care for my career, so I decided to change careers. I hope to end up working in the data science field (data science + music would be ideal!).

I play the guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass), piano (beginner level, just enough for writing), and I sing in the Cornell Chorale. I have used Pro Tools before, so I’m not a complete newb, but I’m really looking forward to learning computer music in a structured format. I also attended music school for a year when I was younger, so I know a bit of theory etc…

Music is my favorite thing. I like to write songs, and would love to become proficient enough with a computer music workflow so that I can get to the point where the computer becomes a creative extension. I hope to be able to learn how to better produce my songs, as well as learn new and interesting ways to create sounds.

On a side note, I found the Professor’s example of using the sounds from a metal railing funny, because that is the sort of thing I would do. I have been frequently roasted by friends (in good fun) for stopping to “play” some object that I noticed had a cool sound. They think it’s weird; I think they’re weird for not noticing the cool sounds.

Introduction for Music 1421 – Anna Bores

Hello.  My name is Anna Bores.  I am a Junior in ILR and I am minoring in music (I also might minor in PMA and inequality studies we’ll see what happens).  I am assistant musical director of Hearsay A Cappella and I am a member of Contrapunkt.  In terms of musical background I sing (I was a vocal major at LaGuardia High School of the Arts) and I play a little bit of piano.  I write music and I’m all over the place in terms of genre.  I’ve written Pop, Indie, Classical, etc., but my focus is probably Pop and Indie. I’ve only recently begun to explore electronic composition but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite genres to compose.  The only program I’ve used is garageband so I am hoping that this class will help me master more advanced programs and create better electronic compositions.

I’m excited to get to know all of you!

Introduction-Swetha Thiagarajan- Music 1421

Hello Everyone,

My name is Swetha Thiagarajan.  I am from Troy,NY(a really hipster place).  I’m a first semester sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, while minoring in Business with the Dyson School.  I love playing tennis, and reading books.  I’m currently an RA in Mary Donlon Hall.

I’ve played piano and clarinet since I was in sixth grade.  I was in chorus for five years, but I don’t think I can sing.  I played classical music for six years, and dabbled in jazz band for two years.  I joined the class because I’ve always struggled with creating my own music but it’s always seemed very interesting to me. I don’t necessarily have a lot of previous knowledge about music software and the different editing techniques but I definitely want to learn.  I don’t really have an agenda per say yet and I’d like to make it as the class continues.  I still play piano occasionally and  I am interested in collaborating with others.


Hi everyone, my name is Michael Downey. I am currently a sophomore and am taking this class just because I love listening to music and wish that I could make my own. I played piano for five years until 8th grade but have not played much recently. I love all kinds of music and listening to music from all backgrounds and people and am excited for what this course has in store.

Concert order and rehearsal times

Below is the concert order for tomorrow at 3pm in Lincoln B21 including your assigned rehearsal slot. PLEASE BE ON TIME AND READY WITH YOUR MATERIALS. The ten minutes can be a very useful slot, but only if you arrive ready to work. Machine/studio assignments are listed at the far left. Note again the alternation intended to facilitate a smooth performance and rehearsal process. The studio studios, C and D, will be emptied starting at 9am for rehearsals.

If your name does not appear below or if a change is required, email me immediately. I look forward to seeing your work tomorrow!!

Computer Name Rehearsal Time
Own David Karabinos None requested
C (with video) Alisa Lee 2:00
D Thaya Psyhojos 1:50 PM
Own Claire Chen 1:40 PM
C Jonathan Lassman 1:30 PM
D Antony Mare None requested
Own Jeremy Miller None requested
C Jonathan Fisher and Kevin Chou 1:20 PM
D Jordan Barhydt 1:10 PM
Own Olivia Dawd performing with Andrew Dawd 12:00 PM
C Joy Hubbard 11:50 AM
D (with video) Aleksandre Natchkebia None requested
Own Kevin Hernandez Chavez 11:40 AM
C Amanda Trang 11:30 AM
D Scott Holmdahl 11:20 AM
Own Kevin McEneaney 11:10 AM
C Grant Behnke 2:10 PM
D (with video) Andrea Jin 11:00 AM
Own Xuan Yu Liu 10:50
C Sinan Kassam 10:40
D (with video) Jacob Grossfeld None requested
Own Anderson Koh 10:30
C Tong Liu None requested
D Nina Knight 10:20
Own Nianze Liu 10:10
C Hanxiang Hao 10:00
Own Anthony Point None requested

Final class concert

Our final class presentation will be December 4th at 3pm in our classroom B21 with rehearsals and sound checks in the morning before the performance. More details about time and logistics will be discussed in class.

More here:

Final Project: Due December 4th 2016 (at final performance)

PD example using OSC

Attached is my example from class, connecting to the “localhost” (to yourself!) and sending OSC data over port 9000. You can, of course, modify this with the IP address of another machine if you want to test sending from one computer to another.

Note my post just below with download instructions for PD-extended AND some links for tutorials to get you starter with the basics.

See the help files for [sendOSC] and [dumpOSC] for more options. Click HERE to download … you will need to unzip the patch to get the resulting “.pd” file.


PD Installation guide

To install PD(-extended) on your Mac, PC, or Linux system please visit:

Download the installer appropriate to your operating system and architecture (I don’t recommend the “Alpha” release for prime-time usage. If you are curious about recent developments in the interface (significant) and function of PD or interested in participating in development, you are welcome to download that also).

For some Mac users, you may need to install “X11”, the venerable Unix graphics system on which some of PD’s functionality rests. You can download that, available now as “XQuartz” from here.

Here, too, is mPD, a mobile version for Android, for those interested:

In addition to PD’s built-in Help system, please see the following sites for more help and shared patches.

– PD Forum and Patch Repo – Repository for patches, tutorials, and discussion related to PD.

– PD FLOSS Manuals – including concepts, working patches, and installation/setup help

Programming Electronic Music in PD (“loadbang”) – Johannes Kreidler’s book

Project materials from today

Here is the Sessions View project from today’s lecture on Live and clips/scenes. More information here and here. There are many video tutorials on the web as well …

Lies Project, Sessions Views

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