Hello World!

My name is Paul DeVito and I am a computer science major and music minor. I am fascinated by the intersection between music and the digital world, and have some experience creating songs using virtual instruments and making simple edits in Acoustica Mixcraft. I am a part of Cornell’s student composition club: Contrapunkt. We gather musicians to put on concerts each semester to allow students to have their work performed. If anyone here is interested just shoot Martin Mahoney an email (mjm676 AT

I played viola, piano, and percussion in high school, though have only kept up with piano. I brought up my viola this semester with the hopes that something will give me inspiration to actually play it, but so far nope. I am currently writing a piano trio and looking for some musicians to record with me :). Plz lmk if interested.

Looking forward to making music with yall!


My name is Shining (Christina) Sun. I am a 4th year architecture student. I started playing piano when I was 5 years old and have been playing it for the past 15 years. Though my background is mostly in the visual field, I have become very interested in experimental and digital music after seeing Bill Viola’s video artworks. In his videos, sound is a powerful agent that is inseparable from the image. Two years ago, I composed a digital music piece in collaboration with a young musician for my art installation in Shanghai. This fun experience made me want to join the class and really learn more about digital production of music. I also wish to apply the knowledge learned in this class to my future installations.

Nathan Hwang

Hi all,

I’m a senior majoring in Information Science. I started playing the violin when I was very young, and picked up guitar during my freshman year of college. I frequently performed in violin recitals and in my middle school orchestra’s concerts. Only recently I started to play around a bit with Garageband and Ableton, and I hope to learn a lot more about how to use all the different features DAWs have to offer. I haven’t played the violin since high school, but I’ve continued to play the guitar on occasion.

Some producers that got me interested in learning more about music production include Kanye West, Grimes, Ariel Rechtshaid, Max Martin, Flume, DJ Mustard and Daft Punk. As you can probably tell from the names I listed, I’m most interested in hip-hop/pop/dance music, and I hope to create some cool projects in these genres this semester.

Hello, Walter here

Hello everyone, my name is Walter Simmons and I am a senior at the Hotel School. I have been interested in music since I was young and have played the piano and guitar for years. I haven’t been doing that as much lately, but now I have gotten more into music production on the computer. Lately, I’ve been using Ableton and Native Instruments programs and I look forward to learning a lot more about production and performance in class this semester.

Hi people!

Hi everyone,

I’m Thomas Torng. I like composing and arranging music, as well as developing games. None of these have anything to do with my major though :(. I’ve been playing the piano for a long time, and the vast majority of my arrangements are for piano (if you’ve gone to any Anything Goes shows in the past 4 years you will have heard my stuff). I played trumpet in concert band during middle/high school so I’m familiar with a lot of instruments. Finally, through unavoidable osmosis in a musical theatre environment, I recently started singing as well. I have posted piano/vocal covers online but I’m not ready to break out of the anonymous phase yet so I’m not giving any links :P.

By taking this class, I hope to become familiar with composition software to create my own music (Sibelius Sounds doesn’t quite cut it -_-) and make better covers. I also want to learn how to make and edit sound effects to be used in games.

Hi! -TJ

Hi, I’m TJ Hurd, a freshman in the engineering school. I’ve played the piano for many years and I’m in a band called The Chirps. I’m interested in learning how to use computers to perform music for my band (we want to play live shows) and also for Cornell radio. We recently recorded an album over winter break so I have experience with music recording, mixing and mastering using Logic.

Here’s the link to our soundcloud if any of you guys wanna check it out. Thanks!


Ellen Fullman

Speaking of Ellen Fullman, here’s a neat lecture she gave at MOCAD:


Hi, I’m Wesley

Hello everyone!

My name is Wesley and I am a senior in the Hotel School. I have been playing electric and acoustic guitar, and drums, as a hobby of mine for about 4 years now and hope to continue to create music for the rest of my life. My electronic music production is limited to Music 1421, but I plan on producing music and performing live in the future.

If anyone is open to having a jam session at my house, email me at wj75 AT I have a drumset, electric guitar, microphone, and bass available for use at my house! I find that jamming with others is one of the best methods of improvement.



Hi! :D


My name is Adit Arya, and I am a computer science major pursuing a game design minor. I had a friend who took this course last year and he was the one who got me interested in electronic music and the process of making your own sounds and beats. I have some music knowledge – I played the piano for 6 years and the violin for 2. I haven’t really used a variety of different music software, mainly used Adobe Audition and Audacity. I have messed around a bit with some different iPhone apps like Figure.

As a part of the game design minor, I am following the Graphics vector of the CS major and am interested in the integration of creative studies with a technical/programming aspect. I have taken various digital arts and modeling courses to see how computer science can be extended into fields such as architecture and design.

In this class, I hope to further explore my interests of combining creative fields with my computer science skills.


Hello World!

Hey everyone. My name is Nikita, and I am an electrical and computer engineering major. I have been playing guitar for almost 10 years now and have spent the last 4 years learning about recording music and recording and producing both my own work and my high school friends’ metal band, Axiom (link to their album below). My music interests are mostly around progressive metal and metalcore, but I like to experiment with mixing in electronic elements into metal music.


I know the production isn’t amazing, but we had only 3 mics to do the drums, so I consider it a success

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