Hi everyone, my name is Glenna and I’m taking this course because I’m curious about what goes into creating music and learning how to use music editing applications. I don’t have much background in music besides a few years of playing the piano, singing in a chorus, and dancing ballet for a while. Music is a nice, relaxing break from academics, so I’m excited to spend some time working on projects for this course.

Assignment 0

Hi, I’m Emily. I played piano for about 4 years when I was younger and cello in the school orchestra from 3rd to 12th grade. However, I do not currently play or take lessons regularly anymore; just once in a while for fun. I performed at school concerts, recitals, and also with a small band with a few of my friends at school events. I’m interested in working with others, and am taking this class because I would like to incorporate more music into my busy life.

a0 introduction

Hello, I’m Rajiv. I’m a sophomore studying CS in Engineering and minoring in Music. My ultimate goal is to DJ and become an EDM producer. I feel that the voice is the most beautiful instrument so I’d love to work with singers. My favorite artist right now is ODESZA.

I also think hip hop beats are a cool way to express darker emotions, so I have some curiosity in that field.

As far as my background, I played the violin since I was 9 but stopped after first semester in college; I picked up a decent amount of music theory and experience analyzing music doing that. Currently, I’m taking voice lessons at Cornell and learning how to use Logic on my own.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Cam Curtin Introduction

Hey everyone,

I’m a senior in CALS studying Biometry & Statistics and Computer Science and had room for a fun class this semester and thought computer music would be a great fit. I played alto sax from 5th to 7th grade in the school band and in the jazz band and I played drums in a couple pieces for the strings orchestra. In 8th grade I took a class called Music Tech where we used Audacity and a MIDI keyboard to create music for different themes including a song using only percussion and writing music for a short (3-4 minute) film. I haven’t done much music since but am looking to get the creativity flowing a bit again. I’m looking forward to working with some of you and seeing what we can create this year.

Asignment 0

Hello all,

I’m George Wyand a senior Animal Science major and I have limited musical experience. I haven’t really played my trumpet since fresh man year of high school and while I still can read music my actual knowledge of music theory is very limited. I want to change that because my experience is with running sound for live shows. I have been a sound technician/coordinator since high school and would like to increase my knowledge of recording/mixing/mastering and general music skill. Currently, I am a manager of Cornell Productions and a P-space Manager of JAM, and the skills in this class would help my gaps in musical knowledge. I have always wanted to create computer music but it has always been so intimidating to learn. I look forward to this class and I look forward to hearing every one work.


Introduction Ben Kang

Hi y’all, I’m Ben Kang. I’m an Economics major in the college of Arts and Sciences. I grew up around church music in Houston, Texas, and I’ve played keyboard and drums for a while, developing a soul/funk playing style. I play keyboard and do A/V work for the guys back home. I’m always looking for fresh music to listen to and get inspired. I switched from piano performance to musical composition when I was in 8th grade, and since then have been creating orchestral compositional work, one of which is on my soundcloud, benkang99. During my junior year, I started looking into digital music production with software like Ableton and Logic, and starting teaching myself. Since, then I’ve been churning out beats whenever I have time, and I’ve uploaded some of them to soundcloud. My latest work is inspired by 60s-70s funk, and incorporates many of the same instruments, such as the Rhodes keyboard, Hammond organ, and wah clav. I’m looking to get better at producing and working with live bands.

Gee Hyun Kwon Assignment 1

Hi, I’m Gee. I’m currently waitlisted in the class for the fourth time in my stay at Cornell. I’m a CS major in the school of Arts and Sciences. Music wise, I am currently learning how to play the piano. I am in the Big Red Marching Band (our school marching band). Other than that, I am a novice in music and am learning basic music theory.

I have been trying to get into this class for four straight years, and am really excited because currently I am on waitlist number 4 (the past years it was always past 10). I want to learn more about the process of recording sounds and manipulating them digitally. I also want to try to write my own music later after learning more about music theory, and I feel that this class would be very useful in doing so.

Tyler Tracy Assignment 0

Hello! My name is Tyler and I am a senior studying physics and concentrating in music and acoustics. I spent my summer doing acoustics and noise control consulting at a company called RSG in Vermont. On campus I helped found the Cornell Audio Engineering Society which seeks to give students hands on experience building and working with audio and acoustics technology. I have also taken a bunch of music and sound related courses like the Psychology of Music, Sound Design, Signals and Information, Architectural Acoustics, and Songwriting. I have created music projects in Audacity, Pro Tools, Reaper, and Mathematica. I’ve been playing guitar for six years now and can hold my own on bass and ukulele.

I have been recommended this class by a number of previous students. I am excited to learn how to expand my music production capabilities and become comfortable with a variety of new hardware and software. I am eager to collaborate with others, especially if their strengths align with my weaknesses and vice versa. In my songwriting course our final projects were all live collaborations and I thought it was very beneficial to learn how to collaborate with others when it comes to making music.

Assignment 0: Hi, I’m Rene

Hi y’all. My name is Rene.

I’m an English major and Inequality Studies minor. I come from a pretty strong musical background, but have no relevant experience in creating my own music.

In terms of instruments, I have had 9 years of formal piano lessons, and am experienced performing classical music, solo. I also have 7 years of playing clarinet in an orchestra setting.

In terms of vocal stuff, I sang in the school choir for 5 years, and was an alto in the vocal ensemble for 2 years. (I got to compete in Budapest for the latter which was really cool.)

I also did years of classical ballet, jazz, and tap dance, so I just really like music in every aspect. Performance, especially. Recently, I really like listening to and making remixes, so I hope I’ll get to try a bit of that. I also follow a lot of non-vocal artists, so I really want to make some track inspired by those. I would like to try my hand at composing and writing lyrics as well, but we’ll see!

Happy to collaborate with anyone, but here are a few disclaimers. I don’t have my clarinet with me this semester. I’m willing to learn pieces on the piano (if it’s not complicated), but I can’t do improv. I’m willing to sing but, again, I’m an alto.

Excited to be here 🙂

Introduction – Matthew Gharrity

Hi team, I’m Matthew Gharrity, a senior undergraduate in computer science.

I have been playing piano for roughly 12 years, and for the past several I have focused on improvisation (e.g., I have very little formal training in music theory, etc., but I love making music and I hope this class will help expand that hobby. As much as I love playing on a standard acoustic piano, I have always wanted to experiment with digital effects, synths, recording, and mixing. My end goal is to get familiar enough with computer music to be able to continue exploring and producing on my own after college. I’m really excited, and of course open to collaboration!

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