Assignment 0: Hi, I’m Rene

Hi y’all. My name is Rene.

I’m an English major and Inequality Studies minor. I come from a pretty strong musical background, but have no relevant experience in creating my own music.

In terms of instruments, I have had 9 years of formal piano lessons, and am experienced performing classical music, solo. I also have 7 years of playing clarinet in an orchestra setting.

In terms of vocal stuff, I sang in the school choir for 5 years, and was an alto in the vocal ensemble for 2 years. (I got to compete in Budapest for the latter which was really cool.)

I also did years of classical ballet, jazz, and tap dance, so I just really like music in every aspect. Performance, especially. Recently, I really like listening to and making remixes, so I hope I’ll get to try a bit of that. I also follow a lot of non-vocal artists, so I really want to make some track inspired by those. I would like to try my hand at composing and writing lyrics as well, but we’ll see!

Happy to collaborate with anyone, but here are a few disclaimers. I don’t have my clarinet with me this semester. I’m willing to learn pieces on the piano (if it’s not complicated), but I can’t do improv. I’m willing to sing but, again, I’m an alto.

Excited to be here 🙂

Introduction – Matthew Gharrity

Hi team, I’m Matthew Gharrity, a senior undergraduate in computer science.

I have been playing piano for roughly 12 years, and for the past several I have focused on improvisation (e.g., I have very little formal training in music theory, etc., but I love making music and I hope this class will help expand that hobby. As much as I love playing on a standard acoustic piano, I have always wanted to experiment with digital effects, synths, recording, and mixing. My end goal is to get familiar enough with computer music to be able to continue exploring and producing on my own after college. I’m really excited, and of course open to collaboration!

Assignment 0

Hi I’m Brian Scaramella, a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineering Major.
I play Bari Sax in the Big Red Marching Band. Because of this, I’ve also arranged music for the band and for sax quartet. I also have some simple music theory classes under my belt.
I’ve performed while marching on the field, sitting in the stands, and standing in Lynah (pep band goes to hockey). All of these performances have been extremely casual and it’s been quite a while since I performed in a formal sense.
I’m excited by the idea of computer generated music, or patterns that computers naturally create and the musical possibilities therein. Let me know if you need a saxophonist, or really any other wind instrumentalist because I have access to the marching band.

Introduction – Chris Welker

Hey, I’m Chris! I’m a senior psychology major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I have a musical background in jazz and classical piano.  I started lessons when I was five and finished formal lessons when I was eighteen.  I’ve played solo, in combos, and in a big band setting.

Over the past ten years I’ve started to listen to more electronic music and hip-hop.  This class interests me because I’d like to learn how to create some new and creative beats.  Hip-hop production is really fascinating and I’d like to add my own flavor to it.  In particular, I’d like to draw from some strange genres such as folk and classic rock when creating beats.  If anyone would like to collaborate, let me know!

Introduction – Christina Lu

Hi, my name is Christina Lu. I’m a senior double majoring in Economics and Math as well as minoring in Computer Science. I have played the piano for 15 years and used to play the violin for about 6 years. I continue to play piano; however, I stopped violin during high school because the school orchestra was questionable at best. I enjoy singing (not trained whatsoever) and like to make piano covers of various pop music.

I’m interested in taking this class because I want to be able to write my own music in the future instead of copying others. I also want to make better covers by incorporating computer sound and editing.

Hi, I’m Chris.

Hi all,

My name is Chris Worden and I am a junior music major in Arts and Sciences.  I play upright bass in the CU Jazz ensembles and sing with the Glee Club, and enjoy writing about music and studying it in my courses.  I am particularly interested in music theory from both western classical and jazz traditions, and am interested in researching cultural and psychological understandings of upper chord extensions at the intersections between Debussy, jazz and pop music.  I have also been mixing professionally for three years, and have been producing digital and acoustic music for most of my musical career.  I hope to have a collaborative EP released before the end of the year.

Introduction – Randy

My name is Randy Tung and I’m a Senior majoring in Computer Science. I started playing the trombone when I was 8, and I played up until the end of high school. During high school, I participated in Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir, Jazz Band, Symphonic Orchestra and Marching Band. I haven’t played an instrument since, but I’ve always wished that I continued playing my instrument, even if it was every once in a while.

I decided to take this class because I’ve always viewed creating music as a type of artistic expression, but I never had the opportunity to pick up another instrument, or learn any programs to assist in that. During my undergraduate years, I believe that I was lacking in opportunities for artistic expression, and this course may be the last chance I have for that. With that said, I’m very excited to take this class and create music.

Introduction — Adam Lefkowitz

Hi all, I’m Adam Lefkowitz. I am a senior double majoring in government and philosophy and minoring in music. I have been playing classical and jazz violin since I was three years old and have been messing around with production software since eighth grade. I’ve also been DJing for a few years now although I haven’t done it in a while. I like most types of electronic music and also enjoy classical. Looking forward to learning more about how I’ve been doing everything wrong with production software for close to a decade.

Hey I’m Cagla!

Hello people I’m Cagla (read as Chala, I know its hard). I’m a sophomore Fine Arts Major, English and recent Music minor. I play the piano (intermediate, I mean I’m good at learning but not at improv or anything) and have been singing since I was 6. So I do love singing I am down to help out in any vocals needed or collabs. I want to go into art and creative directing, focusing hopefully on video and music. As an art major though, I mostly draw, do photography and video or digital art. I have always been in love with music and as years passed I realized I wanted to make music but didn’t ever know how. So hopefully this class and others in the future will help me put the music in my head out into the real world. I am very excited and happy to work with others and learn from all of you! Also as someone who loves literature (obvious as an english minor) and wants to be a writer maybe I love writing and poetry so I will definitely try out lyric-writing too.

Favorite music or artists I would say include Muse and Radiohead, especially their song Exit Music is a favorite, I grew up with rock so Journey, Queen automatically come to mind. But I love a lot of genres from punk like Sex Pistols to rap such as Kendrick Lamar.

Introduction – Arthur

Hey guys, my name’s Arthur and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Science. I took formal piano lessons starting from back when I was 3 up to when I was 15 years old.  Although I haven’t played much since then, I think it would be fun to get back into playing and composing music, and I hope my musical background could help me a bit with the pieces I’ll make.

I’ve always been interested in the process of making music, from idea to composition and then to production and subsequent mastering. I believe that computer music is a way for people who might not have a background in other instruments to experiment a little and write something that sounds totally new, or that brings a new experience for the artist. I’m excited to be a part of this class this semester!

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