Hi, I’m Andrea

I’m a senior biology/pre-med student in Arts & Sciences. I’ve been playing viola for thirteen years and I perform on campus with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra and chamber music ensembles. I’m interested in exploring how technology can be used to mix classical music with modern genres. Some of my other pastimes include biking, spending time outdoors, and art.

I am completely new to computer music but very open to collaboration. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Nina Knight

hey everyone! I’m Nina. I’m a sophomore in A+S, double majoring in music and biology. I’ve played classical piano for about 13 years, and am continuing to do so here. I love classical music, but I also listen to a variety of artists. Some of my favorites include Radiohead, Grimes, Grizzly Bear, Beck, Bjork, Joanna Newsom….lots of things, including electronic music. I’ve really only ever played one instrument, which traditionally has one particular timbre, but I love the wide variety of sound that can be made with computers and electronic methods like sampling. I want to find out what kind of music I could make with that freedom. I haven’t really tried to learn about electronic music before because I was usually pretty busy with piano, and also a little intimidated by the technical skills necessary to do so. However, I’m hoping that taking this class will make the process more accessible and inspire me as well.

Introducing Me

Hi y’all! My name is Kevin Chou. I am a senior in Applied Economics and Management. I guess I’ll be upfront and say that I really like listening to music. I listen to music across different genres and even different cultures! Two of my favorite artists are Leehom Alex Wang and Jay Chou , who are Taiwanese artists that fuse popular music with traditional Chinese sounds. For me, I played cello in high school and little into college (although I haven’t played in a year or two) and performed in various pit orchestras during my music playing career. I guess I’m here because I want to learn about the fundamentals to music creation and learn how to integrate old and new sounds to create interesting music. I don’t know what I want to do yet, but I’m excited for what this semester teaches me about myself!

Me – Christian Llamas

Well my name is Christian and i’m a junior in the College of Engineering. Simply put, I like listening to all types of music across all cultures, genres, time periods, etc. I actually have no experience in playing an instrument but I’m pretty excited to take this class and mess around with some instruments even if it’s just the basics. I took this class because I always wanted to try to make my own music. A lot of times I hear things in my head and I was hoping this class would teach me how to bring the things I hear to life. My favorite instrument on a track are trumpets. I just think they are the best so if there are any trumpet players out there I would totally be up for a collab. If any of you want to check out some music my soundcloud is always open (It’s mostly EDM if you guys are into that).

Introduction-Antony Mare

I’m a french/chinese/american student from Los Angeles.  I’ve always had a huge passion for music, and played piano and clarinet in highschool.  I love to freestyle rap and have huge range in the music I love.  I’m a huge hip hop fan but also appreciate classic rock, jazz, and future house.  Some of the artists I like are Nas, young thug, future, oliver heldens, tchami, taku, drake, and paul Mccartney.  I’ve learned a little about production in the past but definitely want to increase my potential and learn much more through this class.  I’m excited to produce beats, and to make my own rap songs by taking this class.  Here’s my soundcloud:

About me

I am a French-Taiwanese-Canadian student from Vancouver, BC. I played the clarinet and Bass clarinet in Concert Band throughout high school. Ive always wanted to create music, but have been overwhelmed by the prospect of composing. I aspire to create electronic music mainly for myself. I would love the ability to playback the sounds and music I hear in my head. One of my dreams is to create a rap song, in which I rap in French and English. I am eager to learn the foundations of electronic music making. If you are interested in knowing what music I enjoy, here is my soundcloud:

Sam Schechter

Hello everybody. My name is Sam and I’m a senior philosophy major. I played percussion throughout high school and currently teaching myself how to play a little ukulele. I’m not very good, but I really enjoy it, which is why I’ve always wanted to learn how to produce and record for someone else or even just make something of my own which doesn’t require dexterous fingers. That said, I really want to try and make a piece entirely or mostly out of samples. I know it’s been done before (which is where I got the idea) but it sounds crazy fun.

Introducing myself – Andrew Dawd

Hello everyone – my name is Andrew. I’m a senior mechanical engineering student from New Jersey (Bergen County!)

Since I was young I’ve always been passionate about music. It all started with playing the clarinet/bass clarinet in middle school, and after graduating from the eighth grade, I got my first electric guitar (Fender Strat – Sunburst :O ). In high school, all I would listen to was classic and alternative rock – Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd to Radiohead (favorite band of all time). But, since coming to college, I’ve been a lot more interested in hip-hop/rap, especially the art of production and sound mixing. Rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Kanye West to Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Nas both reflect lyrical poetry, but artful production and audio mixing. Since my hip-hop “phase”, I’ve wanted to learn more about sound engineering which is why I’m taking the

Introducing Myself

Hey all! My name is Jordan, and I’m a senior majoring in History in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’ve always had a passion for music, and at Cornell I’m part of the a cappella group The Men of Last Call. I particularly enjoy songwriting, and I’m looking forward to learning how to bring my pieces to life through this class.

I’ve also taken a recent interest in hip hop and electronic music (currently loving Chance the Rapper’s new album) and hope to compose these styles using the skills we learn this semester. A few of my favorite bands include Wilco and Glen Hansard.

Looking forward to working with you all this semester!



Introduction: Jeremy Miller

Hello! My name is Jeremy Miller, and I’m a sophomore in the engineering school hoping to major in Computer Science. I played clarinet throughout middle and high school, and I also play in the Cornell Big Red Marching Band. I’m also a member of Cornell’s undergraduate composition club, Contrapunkt, so I’ve also written a fair amount of compositions.

I’m taking this class because I really don’t know much about electronic music. I’ve messed around with a lot of different software (even creating my own barely functioning JavaScript synthesizer at one point), but aside from knowing the vocabulary, I don’t know how any of the cool things I’ve messed with actually work, or how to use them to create decent sounding music.

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