Introducing Myself

Hey all! My name is Jordan, and I’m a senior majoring in History in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’ve always had a passion for music, and at Cornell I’m part of the a cappella group The Men of Last Call. I particularly enjoy songwriting, and I’m looking forward to learning how to bring my pieces to life through this class.

I’ve also taken a recent interest in hip hop and electronic music (currently loving Chance the Rapper’s new album) and hope to compose these styles using the skills we learn this semester. A few of my favorite bands include Wilco and Glen Hansard.

Looking forward to working with you all this semester!



Introduction: Jeremy Miller

Hello! My name is Jeremy Miller, and I’m a sophomore in the engineering school hoping to major in Computer Science. I played clarinet throughout middle and high school, and I also play in the Cornell Big Red Marching Band. I’m also a member of Cornell’s undergraduate composition club, Contrapunkt, so I’ve also written a fair amount of compositions.

I’m taking this class because I really don’t know much about electronic music. I’ve messed around with a lot of different software (even creating my own barely functioning JavaScript synthesizer at one point), but aside from knowing the vocabulary, I don’t know how any of the cool things I’ve messed with actually work, or how to use them to create decent sounding music.

Scott Holmdahl

My name is Scott Holmdahl, I’m a senior in mechanical engineering from Seattle, WA. I grew up playing piano, then moved to clarinet in middle school and high school. During high school, I moved back to piano when a friend talked me into playing keyboard in a local band. Messing around with MIDI on the keyboard set-up piqued my interest in sound engineering and electronic music. I’m taking this class to learn more about sound engineering, while also improving my electronic music production, composition, and mixing/mastering.

Jon Lassman

My name is Jon Lassman, and I am a senior in the College of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering and possibly minoring in Music. I took piano lessons for six years, between the ages of 6 and 12, and I played trombone in my middle school and high school bands and jazz bands. I only began singing in 11th grade, but singing has by far become my greatest musical outlet of late. I have been a member of the Cornell University Glee Club and its subset a cappella group, The Hangovers, since my first semester at Cornell, and I have sung in various other ensembles on campus, including the Chamber Singers. My theoretical musical background has led me to be a section leader in the Glee Club now for two years, as well as musical director of The Hangovers.

There are several things that have drawn me toward this course. For example, I have held/currently hold positions of recording and CD manager for both the Glee Club and The Hangovers, and have had much exposure to various levels of recording expertise, microphone use, and editing/mixing. I’ve dabbled with various forms of musical composition, but have always lacked the confidence and expertise to do much with computers (other than using traditional musical notation software), so I’m excited to see the kinds of skills I’ll be able to develop through this class. I would absolutely be open to working with others, but I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creating music.

Hi, I’m Nianze Liu

My name is Nianze Liu (Rym), a master student major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I play the clarinet and have just started to play the tin whistle and piano. And I love making music. I took this class to get a better understanding of making better quality music.

I have some recording experience for my clarinet cover previously:


I believe there’s a lot of fun stuff to learn from this class to make better music, and collaborating with other fantastic peers in this class sounds definitely a great idea to achieve this goal.

Amanda Trang

Hey, I’m a sophomore in ECE. I’ve been playing piano since I was pretty young, but tried a few other instruments in junior high. The euphonium and trumpet didn’t work out and I was absolutely miserable at French horn and violin, so I’ve just been sticking with piano since.

I love the idea of taking my interests in music and mixing it with my engineering studies. I have minimal background in basic piano composition and I want to build on that with computer music. I’m excited to see how this course goes!

Sinan Kassam

My name is Sinan, I am a Senior Environmental Science Major in CALS. I have always loved making music. I play saxophone and love Jazz and Hip-Hop but am very open minded about all other types of music. I took this class to get a better understanding of DAW software, mixing, mastering, and making better quality music. I have a little experience producing and recording. I have been slowly setting up a home studio for the last few years. However, I still need a lot more knowledge and I am excited to learn in this class. I hope to learn a lot for my peers and also do a lot of collaboration. Making music with people/friends is my favorite thing.

This is my soundcloud page

Hi, I’m Alisa

Hi everyone! I’m Alisa and I am a senior Chemistry & Chemical Biology major in A&S college. I have been participating in marching band since high school, and I currently play the piccolo in Cornell Big Red Marching Band. I play the flute, and a little bit of harmonica and ocarina as well.

I’m taking this course to explore computer music, which I have little to no prior experience in. I’m really interested in learning about how to combine sounds to create a musical piece. I’m open for collaboration and I look forward to meeting you all!

Tong Liu

Hi everyone! My name is Tong Liu and I am a senior majoring in Economics. I played piano growing up and also played the clarinet in high school. I enjoy a wide variety of music, especially hip-hop and EDM. I’m hoping to learn more about making music with computers and look forward to creating some cool projects this semester.

Sady Ramirez

Hi everyone,

My name is Sady and I’m a senior in the ILR School. My father was a music producer and composer back in Colombia before coming to South Florida, and I inherited his passion for music. I’ve self-taught myself how to play various instruments: guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Recently, I’ve been working on composing my own songs. I hope that the learning from this course will allow me to bring some of my songs to life.

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