Assignment 0

Hi, my name is Henry Malarkey, and I am a senior in Engineering Physics. Different from most students in this course, I don’t have a strong musical background (only a little guitar experience) but hope to develop it throughout the semester. Music production has always been something that has interested me, and I plan on looking into jobs in the field of music production hardware R&D.

Assignment 0

Hi all! I am Yukun. I am a Ph.D. student in economics.

I’ve always been obsessed with music, I enjoy all genres but I listen to R&B, electronic and pop the most. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4, but I stopped when I was 14. Recently I started to play again and found myself enjoyed it even more. I also enjoy singing. I’ve always wanted to create my own music but I don’t have composing experiences before. I am really looking forward to learn to create digital music throughout this semester and I am more than happy to collaborate with others if possible!

Assignment 0

Hi all!

My name is Xulian, but everyone calls me Yumi. I am an undecided first-year student in CAS, and I am excited to work with you! I am a multi-instrumentalist, but my primary instrument is the guitar. I have also been using Reason to compose and record my music since middle school. I attended an arts magnate high school during my junior and senior years in which music students were required to perform original material in concert several times a year with an ensemble and have taken some sound art and audio production classes. I joined this class because I am very interested in creating music for video and enjoy writing and composing music that involves the manipulation of disparate acoustic elements in conjunction with my voice and guitar.

Assignment 0: Emily Kam

Hello! My name is Emily. I’m a senior studying Information Science + UX Design with a minor in Creative Writing.

I love making music! I’ve played viola in multiple orchestras and in string quartets, and at Cornell I beatbox and sing alto for Measureless A Cappella. However, I don’t have much experience editing audio, and I would love to learn how to make quality music recordings.

If you’re interested in seeing some (not very well edited) recordings I made, you can find my game design music on SoundCloud and my acappella/beatbox recordings on Instagram @beatoutsidethebox.

Assignment 0: Greg Perez


I’m Greg, a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’ve played the violin since I was 8, but that has become more of a hobby now. I used to play concerts in youth orchestras, provide background music at event venues, at a little bit more. I’m deeply interested in music, and I’m always looking for different ways to experience it. I’ve never created music or art with music, so I wanted to explore and develop this skill here! I would love to collaborate with anyone and bounce ideas and off each other.

I look forward to learning and working with you all,


A0: Luis Enriquez

Hello everyone. I’m Luis. I’m a computer scientist minoring in game design. I play cello but prefer to compose rather than perform. I’ve been writing electronic music for a while but without much academic direction and recently have been aiming to improve my compositional and creative techniques. With game design, I hope to compose scores for games, whether electronic or acoustic, and am eager to work with others to share and develop ideas.

Assignment 0: Nate McDonald

Hey everyone, my name is Nate. I’m a senior in HumEc. I’ve always been obsessed with music. I enjoy all genres. From classical to country to hip/hop to EDM. I also like to sing. I am taking this class because one of my teammates took it last year. I got to sit in and help him with vocals on a few of his projects and thought it would be cool to take the course myself. I’ve always wanted to make my own music, and am really interested in learning what goes on behind the scenes of producing computer music. I also have a bit of experience with the piano and enjoy messing around on the keyboard in my room during my spare time. Looking forward to a fun semester.

Assignment 0: Boyang Ding

Hi I am Boyang~ I am a physics major with a music minor. I have been always addicted to mesmerizing melodies in songs, and I am growing more and more interested in exploring songs around the world of different genres and styles these years. It is just amazing that there is so much variety in producing and recording music, and I am really looking forward to explore and create our own together in the course! I play the violin, and was in a chamber music group for a semester here at Cornell. I also have some experience with piano and am planning on learning jazz piano this semester. Please reach out to me for collaboration!!!!!

Assignment – Maya Behl

Hi! My name is Maya. Ive been a singer and piano player for all my life and started producing my own music around two years ago. Im always super inspired by beat makers or talented instrumental musicians, and love collaborating with people! Here are some demos I’ve been working on! They’re not mixed and mastered yet but hopefully soon. Hope you enjoy. My number is 8473237966 if you ever want to collab 🙂

Assignment 0:

Hi everyone! My name is Abby Kanders and I am a senior in the hotel school. I’ve always had an interest in music. I’ve been singing since high school and I am a part of Nothing But Treble at Cornell. I also play guitar somewhat poorly, and used to be mean on the french horn. I’m excited to learn more about the possibilities of music in this class, and I hope to focus on learning how to mix music in a live setting. I also look forward to collaborating with others in the class.

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