Assignment 0: Isaac Singer

Hey guys,

I’m Isaac and I’m a rising senior studying ORIE in the college of engineering. I really enjoy listening to music while doing pretty much anything and over quarantine I started making remixes in Garageband. I play trumpet and recently have been working on writing music. I like songs from almost every genre, but would prefer to make jazzy hip-hop music in this class. Let me know if you want to collab!

Assignment 0: Grace Wu

Hi everyone! My name is Grace, and I’m a senior studying Fiber Science (think materials science rather than fashion design) in HumEc. I have a random assortment of skills (CAD, Animation/Video Editing [Adobe Suite], Programming/Coding).

I started playing piano when I was 4 and was a child prodigy before I quit around age 7 because I didn’t feel passionate about music at the time (went through the process of excelling at a hobby before inevitably quitting a few times after this). After taking a music history class during my freshman year of high school, I developed a newfound appreciation for all types of music, even though I primarily learned about classical music. I’m from New York City and used to go out with friends for karaoke and watched a few musicals with my acting class. I’d like to say that I’m a decent singer (alto) although I’m very much out of practice.

I haven’t tried songwriting, but I love listening to songs with challenging lyrics and may or may not try my hand at it depending on how this semester goes. I’m open to pretty much all genres of music, but I think my criteria for what I look for in music varies by genre. I’m very much a beginner and look forward to learning about producing music.

Assignment 0: Melissa Gao

Hi, everyone! I’m a senior ILRie minoring in psychology and music. I love singing and have been singing in school choirs for 12 years, with this being my fourth year in the CU Chorus (lifetime alto 2, secret mezzo). I also discovered a cappella in college and am musical director of Hearsay A Cappella, who I’ve arranged a few songs for. Way back when, I also took 8 years of private piano lessons and played 5 years of violin in school. I soon realized that I liked singing more than instruments, and now only occasionally play piano to accompany my singing. I also love listening to and discovering new music, though I mainly listen to pop, pop rock and R&B. My current favorite artists are Lauv, Ruel and Day6.

I’m really excited about this class because I want to learn more about the digitized world of music, since I’ve been so focused on singing. I’m also very interested in learning about music production, after being inspired from recently recording an album with Hearsay. And as I hope to write/arrange my own songs someday, I’m looking forward to creating my own compositions and stretching my creativity in a new way. I’m open to collaborations and/or singing for other people! Can’t wait to see the music everyone creates.


Assignment 0: Lazarus Ziozis

Hey Everybody! My name is Lazarus Ziozis and I’m a senior in the A&S school getting a degree in economics with minors in history and business. In terms of musical experience, I’ve played the trombone for 7 years. Also, in the past 3 years, I’ve self-taught myself on how to use both Traktor and Rekordbox to DJ live parties. This has evolved into me making mixes and releasing them on SoundCloud.

I’ve dabbled in producing music and used to have FL Studio on my PC in high school, but I was never able to make a coherent piece of music. I hope that through this class, I will finally be able to get my ideas down on a program like Ableton, so I can finally make a piece of music I am proud of.

In terms of my music tastes, I listen to a variety of different genres such as deep house, country, alternative, Pop/R&B, classic rock, punk, and metalcore. I hope my final project will be a piece that incorporates some elements from each of these genres. I’m looking forward to learning more about music production and collaborating with others!

Assignment 0: Brian Shi

Hey everybody! My name is Brian and I am currently a senior in the school of arts & sciences, pursuing a double major in economics and computer science. I’ve always loved listening to music of all genres and that has definitely driven my passion for wanting to learn how to produce music, and that’s why I am here enrolled in this course! I’ve never had any formal music training and I’ve never played an instrument, but I have spent some time learning about music production and composition on my own on-and-off over the past couple of years. I’m definitely not an expert in producing music though, and so that’s why I am excited to take this course to really learn more about production and music theory.

I’ve also never really finished a remix/mashup as I’ve never been truly happy with what I’ve made, but I hope this course will help me iron out some of the issues I’ve encountered and allow me to grow as an artist. In terms of my creative agenda, I hope to draw inspiration from some of my favorite genres including progressive house, rap, and indie-pop into producing remixes and mashups. I’d also love to work with others that have a similar creative agenda, but I am also happy to collaborate with those who share different perspectives as well!

Assignment 0: Michael Zhang

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Zhang and I am a senior Computer Science major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I like listening to variety of music genres, including electronic dance, alternative, rock, and pop. I have wanted to learn how to produce music digitally for a while now, so I am really excited to take this course. I don’t have a lot of experience with music theory; I played the piano and the trombone when I was younger but its been so long that I don’t remember much. I am excited to create my own compositions, as well as learn the process behind how much of the music I listen to is made. I am open to collaborating with others and want to learn about other peoples’ musical experiences!

Assignment 0: Michael Cadogan

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Cadogan and I am a junior in Arts and Sciences. I enjoy playing different styles of guitar, from classical to electric, and I listen to many genres of music as well. Experiencing Amsterdam’s clubbing culture while living in Europe last year, I discovered house music and EDM, and I’ve loved this type of music ever since. I attempted some rudimentary DJing on my iPhone while in quarantine this summer, but other than that producing digital music will be entirely new for me, so I’m super excited to learn.

Assignment 0: David Chang

Hi! My name is David Chang and I’m currently a senior majoring in Music. I play the tenor sax and I’m primarily interested in saxophone performance, jazz and digital music (video games, TV shows, movies). I’m a member of CU Winds and I take lessons within the Music Department. I enjoy improvising and covering many pop songs and video game soundtracks and I want to learn how to create background tracks. I’d love to do duets or work with others and I’m excited to be part of this class!

Assignment 0: Arsen Omurzakov

Hello everyone!

My name is Arsen and I’m a junior Biological Sciences major in the college of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Music. I’ve been involved in music throughout my life as well as Cornell. In particular, I’ve been part of the Viol Consort and the Music Improvisation ensemble. I enjoy many types of music. Jazz, Baroque as well as more contemporary styles of music like hip hop and trap are some of my favorites ( currently listening to lots of Travis Scott).  I’m a pretty solid guitar player and I’ve had lots of experience with the tenor sax in the past, albeit not recently.

I’m very excited to take this course because I hope that it will allow me to expand my sonic horizons and open my mind to new sounds and music. I also hope to gain some skills in with various software, as I’ve always had a great interest but never the chance to learn.  I’m looking forward to meeting you all and I’m very open to collaboration, hit me up with music recommendations and requests to collaborate!




Assignment 0: Brett O’Connor

Hi, my name is Brett O’Connor and I am a senior at Cornell studying electrical and computer engineering.  My current interests lie within house music and I have been interested in this genre for a very long time.  In addition to this, I taught myself how to DJ and have been doing so for about a year and a half, in which I have played at various parties, primarily for my friends.  I have always been curious about producing music and when I discovered this course, I felt that I needed to take it.  In terms of my musical background, I primarily played the bass clarinet throughout high school and I also a little bit of guitar.  I am interested in learning piano, but I haven’t yet found the time to do so.  I am looking forward to everything that this course has to offer and I would love to collaborate with others throughout the process.

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