Assignment 0: Luke Arnce

Hey everyone, I’m Luke Arnce. I’m a third year graduate student in the Genetics, Genomics, and Development program. I play a couple brass instruments and I’m fairly new to digital music production. I took a course last semester in the department that was very enjoyable and informative, so I’m back again. Looking forward to making music together!

Assignment 0: Alex Peng

Hi all, I’m Alex Peng. I am a Materials Science and Engineering major and a Music minor. I primarily play and am classically trained for piano, and have played a few other instruments. I am pretty much entirely inexperienced with digital music and music production outside rudimentary chiptune but have basic composition experience and ideas floating around my head that I want to at least try to manifest which is why I signed up for the course. I would be happy to collaborate though not sure in what way.

Assignment 0: Zachary Bellido

Hi everyone! I’m Zack, a Biological Sciences major with a concentration in genetics, genomics, and development. I enjoy listening to lots of music, especially alternative rock/hip hop, punk, metal, post-rock and electronic music like trip hop and IDM. I’ve only been playing guitar for about a year and a half, so I’m still fairly new to the instrument (but I did play saxophone in concert band up through high school so I have somewhat of a musical background). In this course I’m hoping to learn some useful skills in music production that can help me bridge my rock influences with electronica and get me on the path to start recording my own music. Generally, I am also very inspired by nature and biology, so one idea I had for a project is sampling a DNA sequence and assigning each amino acid a specific musical note. I’m very open to collaboration!

Assignment 0: Robby Huang

Hi everyone, I am Robby, an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior. I like singing, playing guitar, and listening to a wide range of music. I wrote songs/lyrics, sang them, and uploaded them to music apps. Though I enjoyed those amateur compositions, I hope to receive more professional training in music composition and learn how to employ the basic tools. As an engineer, I can quickly prototype and bring my unique ideas into reality. It would be great if I could collaborate with someone who has a stronger music background than me while also like hands-on work. I like “quieter” music. A random project idea is that I would like to hardness sounds from nature to make songs that provide people a grand/sublime feeling.

Assignment 0: Sunwook Kim

Hi everyone, I’m Sunwook and I’m a senior studying computer science! I like singing and playing the piano, and I’ve started playing the guitar from about two years ago. I’m taking this course first to have fun, because these kind of classes give a chance to interact with other people who also like music, and that’s always been fun for me. Another reason I’m taking this is to gain a hands-on experience in using computer for music and hopefully produce my own music in the future. I like music because it helps me explore and amplify various emotions, and for that reason I listen to any genre of music as long as it makes me feel something. But I think I’m partial to songs with some vocal in it probably because I like to sing. I’d love to collaborate with anyone who could use a vocal!

Assignment 0: Aidan Hobler

Hey everyone! I’m actually on the wait list for this class right now, but I’m going to make a blog post anyway. I’m an undergrad senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Game Design. I don’t have much musical background — I’ve played a little bit of guitar, and composed some short chiptunes for games that I’ve worked on in my free time. I’m hoping to get into this class and have the opportunity to get acquainted with more sophisticated tools for producing music, so that I can compose songs for my future games on my own. I’ve always found that the most impactful video games have a great soundtrack.

Assignment 0: Rose Zhou

Hi everyone, I’m a senior Computer Science major minoring in game design and psychology. I’ve played piano and acoustic guitar, and now I’m trying to learn to play electric guitar. My favorite genre of music is EDM and I also loved Madeon’s Pop Culture video, so I’ve always wanted to take this class and learn more about computer music! In the end, I hope I can learn how to compose and perform too.

Assignment 0: Frank Zhang

Hi my name is Frank Zhang and I am a senior in Electrical & Computer Engineering. My major background means that I am familiar with the electrical & electronics aspects such as circuits, signal processing, etc. I also play violin. I am open to collaboration so if anyone is interested feel free to reach out to me!

Assignment 0: Cindy Zhang

Hello everyone!

My name is Cindy, and nice to meet you all in this course!

I am a second-year Master in Information Science. Being an amateur in music, I like playing the piano, and especially likes to search for the piano versions of the songs I like. While listening to music, I would always think about the way to interpret it only by piano in order to keep the original patterns of the music as well as adding on the unique characteristics of piano. I have made several piano version sheets for my favorite music using Musescore. The experience of polishing my composition is really enjoyable.

I found that this course is mainly about learning music synthesis and composition. Taking this course, I am looking forward to getting to know how to use digital music softwares and tools such as launch pad, which is a completely new area for me. I hope I could gain inspirations not only in transferring songs to piano versions, but also creating my own rhythm and composition with various instruments or resources. I am also excited to learn from everyone, to know their favorite and advanced areas, and make friends with people with same interest.

Again, I’m happy to meet everyone, and hope we could have a great time exploring computer music!


Assignment 0: Amy Wang

Hello! My name is Amy, and I’m a computer science major who’s also minoring in music. In my free time, I enjoy playing the flute and making acoustic tracks with Reaper, but I have very little experience making more “experimental” or digital music. Hopefully this course can push me outside my comfort zone and help me gain a better mastery of DAWs and editing software in general. I also want to learn to use different hardware and equipment. Open to collaborating!

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