Studio B audio fixed AND saving Live projects for upload

Two issues to bring to your attentions:

  1. The audio in studio B was crackling in Ableton Live and I was able to fix it today. Someone had apparently set the audio buffer (how much audio the system stores before having to spit it out) to a very small value. I have increased the buffer and now all audio sounds perfect.
  2. When saving your Live projects (the project folder), it is important that all of the audio files used in the project go along with it. Please use “File–>Collect All and Save” to make sure all sounds, wherever they may be stored on the lab computers, have been “collected.

#2 has an FAQ if you need more details: Collect All and Save in Ableton Live

Free Ableton Live Course

As Cornell students, we have free access to all courses on, one of which is an Ableton Live 9 Essentials course with over 9 hours of videos, and also 1.8 GB of exercise files so you can follow along and practice what you’ve learned. I’ve gone through a couple hours so far and they are really good.  The exercise files are in the downloads folder in Studio B, and I can’t remember where I put them in Studio C, but they’re there (I’ll update this when I figure out where they are in Studio C).

H4n portable recorders, data transfer to lab systems

There are two methods for transferring audio data from the portable recorders available from the Cox Music Library reservation desk:

  1. Transfer the data using the supplied mini USB cable.
  2. Remove the SDCARD from the recorder and connect it directly to the iMac computers (the port is found, awkwardly) on the back)

09/14/2017 Class Materials Morning Section

File to download.

Are stereo files ok for the upcoming assignment?

I have my own Tascam handheld recorder, which records in stereo. Is it ok to submit stereo files or should I just submit one of the channels? Thanks.

09.07.2017 Materials [Afternoon]

Lincoln Hall Sound Walk (right+click and Save as…to download)

Morning section Sept 6. Material to download

File to download 


John Cage

I was pleased in this afternoon’s lecture for John Cage to have come up in our discussion. Today is, in fact, the composer’s birthday! To celebrate, here are two pieces of his to enjoy:



Re: HW1; What does “cleanly edited” mean exactly?

In the description for HW1 is the following sentence: “The resulting audio file should be approximately 10-15 seconds long, cleanly edited and ready for us to listen.” Could you expand upon what ‘cleanly edited’ entails (are fade-ins/fade-out required? Should we be editing out any extraneous noise and/or breath sounds etc….)? My initial thought is that this assignment is more about learning how to capture a good signal rather than audio editing, but I’d like to be sure. Thanks.

Language and Voice as Sound [Afternoon Section 08.31.2017]

Hell everyone! Here are the materials we are using for today’s class. The link to download a recording of Neil Armstrong on the moon and a file drop for sharing our work with each other.

“One small step for [a] man…”

Also, here are the listening materials:

Steve Reich, Come Out (1966)

Check out an interesting article about this piece here.

Dennis DeSantis, Five Minutes, Today, Forever. (2006)

With material taken from a quote by Reagan, “We begin bombing in 5 mins…”


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