Hey, I’m Charles. I’m a third year music major with interest in performance and composition. I play drums and other percussion instruments, a bit of guitar, some piano, and recently I’ve been working on more experimental music with contact mics, feedback, and objects like electric toothbrushes and sheet metal. I’m here because I want to learn more about using DAWs for both composition and production. I’m wary of saying I’m into all types of music but I like a good variety of stuff, e. Check out my Rate Your Music for more specific info:

I have a soundcloud if you’re into bedroom dark ambient made on Audacity and poorly recorded drum ideas from five years ago:

I’m also playing a noise set today at The Cherry near Ithaca Commons at 8:30 (I’m Flose):

Sorry for all the links and self-plugs. Hope we have a good semester, I look forward to see what we learn from each other

Steven Romero

Hi everyone, my name is Steven and I’m a freshman Music major in the College of Arts & Sciences.  My goal is to be a hip-hop music producer, and right now I’ve been spending a lot of time with Logic and also collaborating with some vocalists on campus.  I took this class last semester and loved it.  If you are a rapper/singer looking to make some music, hit me up and maybe we can record something cool!

Hey, I’m Amanda

I have an old intro post from taking 1421 in 2016 somewhere on this site, but for an updated version: hey everyone, I’m a junior in electrical and computer engineering. My main thing is that I play piano, and have tried a bunch of other instruments, but only really stuck with piano. Always down to learn a new one!

I’m planning on doing the Game Design minor, so the goal is to be able to learn more about sound design and music composition with respect to that. I have some light background in piano composition, and got to test the waters a bit with 1421. Generally, I just want to have a good time and make something cool. Hit me up if you’re interested in collaborating and need a pianist/engineer!

Kai Pacheco

Hey I’m Kai. I’m a Junior Operations Research major and I’m taking this class because I’ve always been pretty interested in producing and performing music. I play the piano and have messed around with FL Studio before. I occasionally put some stuff up on Soundcloud at, feel free to check it out if you want. I don’t listen to any specific type of music in particular, I just enjoy hearing great tunes.

Sorry for the double post but I figured it was relevant

Also, I was watching this series on YouTube made by genius where they take popular songs and ask the producers about how they made it. My favorite one so far has been the making of Passionfruit by Drake where Nana Rogues, the producer, talks about how he tried to make a beat that felt like clouds. It’s the fifth video in the playlist if you guys want to skip to it. I found it really interesting and I hope everyone enjoys.

Pablo here

Hey everyone

My name is Pablo Ruiz and I am a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I’m from College Park, Maryland and I have a passion for waves. It all started back in 10th grade physics when we did a unit on sound waves. Just learning about timbre, frequency, and overtones interested me so much that, long story short, I decided to become an electrical engineer (I figured they worked with waves). I love music and I love discovering new sounds. I listen to mainly indie and rap music. I flip between the two depending on where I am (rap back at home and indie at school). I have zero experience with sound production but I am super interested and very excited to learn. I am in the Chorale here and I can play the violin, piano, a little bit of guitar and even less harmonica.

Excited for this semester

First 2421 blog post + intro?

Hey guys, I’m Anshuman (Anshu), a student in MUSIC 2421 this semester. I didn’t take 1421 last semester, so I’m pretty new to all this music editing, but I’ve played piano for almost 18 years, so I thought it’d be cool to apply that in electronic music production. I hope to get better at Ableton and Audacity this semester to produce music in my free time.

What I’m really trying to accomplish this semester is to learn how to write my own lofi hip-hop music, so if anyone’s interested in that, hit me up for sure. I’m open to really any kind of music, but have an affinity to a jazzier style (even though I only have experience in classical music).

Asides from music, I’m a mechanical engineer with growing electronics background in embedded systems and embedded operating systems, so I hope that by the end of the semester, I can create something cool for the class. Let me know if this is something that you’d be interested in! Hope to get to know you all better!

With your sampling assignment in progress, perhaps these will inspire…

Yo whaddup this is MC Cynthia in the hizzy

Music has always been a big part of my life, besides the fact that I’m constantly on the prowl on Spotify and YouTube, I also create some loops on my own time, sometimes with lyrics. So if you need a female vocalist, feel free to ask me.

I used to play a bit of piano and oboe so I have a bit of a classical background. Although most of my audio producing experience has been from editing my podcast that I did last year as an independent study and from last semester in 1421.

This year, I hope to get a little crazy and just do weird stuff. I’m really into Wintergatan’s Marble Machine and the thought of creating something even on one-tenth of the scale of that thing would be incredible.

Concert’s recording

Will the recording of the concert be available to us to see? I would like to see it again!

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